You can take money out of your ISA at any time. However, occasionally some funds may place restrictions on withdrawals which may cause a delay in you receiving your money. You can also make regular withdrawals - monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and yearly. If you take money out of your Standard Life ISA the maximum you can put into your ISA remains at £20,000 for the 2020/2021 tax year.

Laws and tax rules may change in the future. Your own circumstances and where you live in the UK also have an impact on tax treatment.

There are different types of Standard Life ISA. How you withdraw your money depends on the type of account you have.



Standard Life Self Investor

If you are a Standard Life Self Investor account holder, you'll can sell your investments and transfer the cash into your Cash Account. If you have cash available in your account, you can make a withdrawal by following these steps:

  1. Log in to your account 
  2. Select 'My details' then 'Bank details' from the top menu and enter your bank account details 
  3.  Select 'Manage portfolio' and 'Withdrawals' from the top menu - the minimum withdrawal is £100, and withdrawals by BACS are free 

The money will be paid into your chosen bank account within 3-5 days. If you don't have cash in your account you'll need to sell your funds first before you can withdraw your money.




If you are an Elevate customer, please note there are two payment options. CHAPS is a same day payment option (before the close of business) if there is cash available in the ISA and the payment request is submitted before 12pm. There’s £5 charge for each CHAPS payment. The other option is a BACS payment, which takes is 3-5 working days and there is no charge.

If you are an Elevate customers, you can withdraw funds directly through your adviser or by calling us at 0345 600 2399.

Or by writing us at:
Winterthur Way
RG21 6SZ

Or email us at



Other ISA customers

You can withdraw money by calling us on 0800 027 4675.

Or by writing to us at:
Standard Life
Dundas House
20 Brandon Street


Call charges will vary. Email communication is not encrypted or secure and it could be intercepted and read. Please do not include any personal or confidential information in any message.

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