Log in to our online service or app and go to the ‘Investments’ section to see more details about where your pension savings are invested.

Here you can see the full names of all the funds your pension savings are invested in and view the fund factsheets to see their ‘volatility rating’. Volatility ratings range from 0 (lowest) to 7 (highest). They’re a measure of risk and indicate how much fluctuation in value you might expect over time. Lower risk funds, such as those which mainly hold money market investments, will have a lower volatility rating, while those which include mainly equities (shares) will be up nearer 7.

You can also see the total value of your investments in a chart and a table, as well as how the funds you’re invested in have performed, fees and charges, and all the payments which have been made into your plan. You can use our independent risk questionnaire  to see how much risk you’re comfortable taking.

If you were to switch to lower risk investments now, you’d first need to sell your existing funds at their current value. This could mean that you’d miss out on your original investments increasing in value if, as expected over the longer term, markets recover.

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