1825 isn’t just a brand name. It’s when Standard Life was founded – helping people save and plan for their future for more than 194 years.

Our expertise is best placed to help you manage all of your life savings, not just your pension. We provide support and advice on a wide range of areas including:

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Have assets over £250,000?
1825 can help.

This includes things like pension funds, ISAs and cash, but not your home.
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Have assets less than

As an alternative to advice, we have detailed online guidance and tools which may help you plan your finances.

There is normally a charge involved for financial advice, so depending on the complexity of your situation, professional advice might not be worth the cost.

1825 only wants people to pay for the help they need. We typically only work with clients who have over £250,000, as this is where financial planning is at its most valuable. This asset range is also where our expertise is the strongest and therefore we can help the most.

As an alternative to advice, we have detailed online guidance and tools to help you plan your finances.

Here's what our customers say about financial planning from 1825

“I feel like you protect me and will look after my future and my investments and I’d recommend anyone to come to 1825.”


“Nothing is ever too much trouble and you solved a hugely complex pension problem for my wife with excellent results. I’m a very happy client.”

Mr. C. Makin


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Ngairy talks about her experience with 1825 and why she values financial planning.

Ngairy is a real client and all views are her own.


I decided to speak to a financial advisor…I was coming up for retirement and I had been investing with AVCs for my pension for some years. Towards the end I was crystallised and so I ended up with quite a nice little lump sum. I have no financial experience whatsoever and a friend suggested I came along to a company that is now 1825. And I was with a very nice financial adviser who gave me assurance. He was rather like a bank manager, and it was personal and friendly and I felt there was integrity there and that I could trust whoever I was placing my money with and I've been very happy ever since.

Through financial planning I'm looking for the future, having come up to the age of 70 I'm thinking that I may need medical assistance later on in life and also if there are any medical problems that arise I just need the assurance that there is enough money to keep me in the life that I have been used to up until now.

My experience with 1825 is that I have assurance and personal experience with James and Graham Bland. They've both looked after me in the past and I look to the future with them, that they will give me protection and security with my investments and my future.

The things I value most with 1825 is the financial advisors that I've had over the last 10 years. They have both been giving me a lot of assurance and security. I feel that they will be protecting me and looking after my future and my investments and I'd recommend anyone to come to 1825.

Investments can go down as well as up and you may get back less than you paid in.

*1825 is a trading name for the Standard Life Aberdeen group's advice business.