Junior ISA

It's never too early to start investing for a child's future. An easy option Junior ISA could help pay towards anything from university fees to their first car.

  • Start investing from £10 a month
  • Invest up to £4,128 in 2017/18 - tax-efficiently
  • Let experts manage investments for you

What is a Junior ISA?

A Junior ISA is designed to be a long term tax-efficient investment for children under 18.

Why open an easy option Junior ISA ?

It's easy - with an easy option Junior ISA, you'll get something you won't get anywhere else. We've worked with Scottish Friendly Asset Managers Limited to create a unique Stocks & Shares Junior ISA:

  • Managed by experts

    With the easy option Junior ISA, which Scottish Friendly calls the My-Ready Made Junior ISA, if you're the parent or guardian, you simply choose one of five Scottish Friendly SF MyFolio Managed Funds based on your attitude to risk.

    Scottish Friendly then invests in an underlying fund, which will be one of the Standard Life Investments MyFolio Managed Funds, ran by a team of experts. Further information can be found in the Key Features Document.

  • Anyone can pay in

    The easy option Junior ISA has the added benefit of being provided by Scottish Friendly, offering years of investment experience and a Junior ISA that allows anyone to pay in – be it grandparents, aunts and uncles, or family friends.

    All payments are a gift to the child and can't be returned.

    A Junior ISA is an investment. That means the value can fall as well as rise, so the child could get back less than you paid in.

What else can I do?

  • Easy - build a lump sum for your child – tax efficiently
    By putting money away in a Junior ISA, you could invest up to £4,128 in 2017/2018 – tax-efficiently.
  • Easy - make flexible payments
    You can change or stop your payments anytime too - it's incredibly flexible. Start investing from just £10 a month or a £50 lump sum — or a mix of both.
  • Easy - create individual pots for all your child's goals
    Anyone can set up individual pots within an easy option Junior ISA, with each pot having its own description, e.g., 'Granny's Uni Fund', 'Uncle Allan's gap year fund' or 'Dad's car deposit'. As long as everyone stays within your child's annual allowance, you can have as many pots as you like for them.
  • Easy - manage it online
    Check in on the Junior ISA as often as you like, using your laptop, tablet or mobile. View your latest statements, manage regular payments, top up and more.
  • Easy - transfer a Child Trust Fund to the Junior ISA
    Your child can't have a Child Trust Fund and a Junior ISA. But by transferring a Child Trust Fund to a Stocks & Shares Junior ISA, your child could have the opportunity to achieve better returns, pay lower charges and have a greater choice of investments.

Things to think about

Unlike a bank account or Cash ISA, this Junior ISA is an investment. That means the value of your investments can fall as well as rise, so the child could get back less than you paid in.

Once you're all set up, you can't take out another Stocks & Shares Junior ISA – it's one per child. But you can move your child's money into different funds within the Junior ISA at any time.

Money in a Junior ISA belongs to the child. They can only withdraw it when they reach 18.

Important information

For more details you should read through (and download/store) the

Scottish Friendly Key Features


Standard Life Client Management Our Services documents.

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  • Choose how much or how little risk you want to take

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Transfer a Child Trust Fund

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  • During the transfer period, there's likely to be a time when your fund is not invested.

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A bit about tax

  • Tax treatment depends on individual circumstances. Tax law may change in the future. The information here is based on our understanding in April 2017.
  • You can invest up to £4,128 in the current tax year for your child in a Stocks & Shares Junior ISA.
  • Available to children under 18 and resident in the UK.

This Junior ISA is available through Standard Life Client Management Limited and is provided by Scottish Friendly Asset Managers Limited.

Scottish Friendly Assurance Society Limited will pay Standard Life Client Management Limited monthly commission if you buy a My Ready-made (Junior ISA) through us. The amount paid is based on the value of your investment in the fund each year. Details of the actual amount of commission that would be payable on your policy will be provided in your welcome pack.

Standard Life Client Management Limited is registered in Scotland (SC193444) at Standard Life House, 30 Lothian Road, Edinburgh EH1 2DH; and is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.