With our Easy option, the team at Aberdeen Standard Investments manage your investment in a MyFolio Index Fund as part of your overall charge.

For your overall charge, you’ll get all this

  • Experts deciding where you should invest, and when
  • Experts making sure your fund doesn’t take any more or less risk than it should
  • Experts aiming to produce the best possible returns for you for that level of risk
  • Free withdrawals. This could impact your potential returns and you won’t be able to reinvest if you’ve used up your ISA allowance
  • Phone support
  • Online access

With no extra charge for this:

  • Transferring your old ISAs in
  • Administrative changes to payment amount
  • Setting up your account
  • Any changes to your account

What your charges could be

The charges for your ISA are a percentage of its value. As the value changes the amount you'll be charged changes.

Select a value for your ISA to see an example of your yearly charges.




Information correct as at 30/06/2020
Charges are not guaranteed and may change in the future.

The above table provides estimates of the typical charges applicable over a year. The calculation assumes a static value throughout the year, and doesn’t take into account any changes of value driven by fund performance, other contributions, etc. In practice, charges will vary as the fund value varies.

When calculating the yearly charge, fund charges are applied daily and platform charges are applied monthly.
The daily charge is calculated as the daily equivalent of the yearly charge.
Values are rounded up to two decimal places for display purposes.

The charges calculator does not include the cash management administration charge.

How is your overall charge calculated?


Total fund charge


Platform charge


Overall charge


This is what a fund manager charges each year for investing in a fund.


This is the charge for the services we provide to you.


This is total of the platform charge and the total fund charge. The overall charge does not include the cash management administration charge.

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ISA key featuresInformation on the key features of our ISA. Including main features, benefits and risks.

 ISA Key features (PDF, 1.5MB)

ISA Terms and ChargesYou can find full details of all charges and terms in the Wrap Services Terms and ISA Terms.

Wrap Services Customer Terms and Conditions (PDF, 1.5MB)

ISA and Personal Portfolio Terms and Conditions (PDF, 1.5MB)

Full description of all our charges

Total fund charge

This is what we charge each year for investing in a MyFolio Index Fund. It’s made up of the annual management charge plus any additional expenses which apply.

View our ISA fund range for information on individual fund charges.

  • Annual management charge
    A charge applies to money invested in funds to cover the costs of running them. This is known as the annual management charge (AMC) and is shown as an annual rate. However, the AMC is deducted from each fund on a daily basis, which has the effect of reducing its unit price. The AMC is also sometimes referred to as the fund management charge (FMC).
  • Additional expenses
    Additional expenses may be deducted from some funds. They include items such as custodian, third party administration, trustee, registrar, auditor and regulator fees. Where a fund invests in other underlying funds, they may also include the underlying management charges. As the additional expenses relate to expenses incurred during the fund management process, they will regularly increase and decrease as a percentage of the fund, sometimes significantly. The additional expenses figure shown is the annual rate of the charge. Where additional expenses apply, they are taken into account when the fund's unit price is calculated each day.

Platform charge

This is what we charge each year for the services we provide to you, including making and switching investments, providing information about your investments and phone support.

The charge depends on the value of your platform eligible assets held in your account.

Annual equivalent rate of the charge

Value of your platform eligible assetsAnnual platform charge for platform cash account, ISA and Personal Portfolio
(deducted for each band)
On the first
£200,000 + 0.20%

Charges correct as at April 2020

Overall charge

This is the platform charge plus the total fund charge. The overall charge does not include the cash management administration charge.

Charges are not guaranteed and may change in the future.

They are reviewed regularly and we can alter them in accordance with our terms and conditions. More details are available in the Terms and Conditions

Interest rates and charges for cash accounts

With our ISA you are automatically set up with three cash accounts. We may pay an interest rate on the cash held in these accounts. We apply a cash management administration charge (CMAC) for the administration of the cash held in these accounts. Different interest rates and CMACs may apply to each account. For more information on interest rates and CMAC.

Remember that unlike a bank account or Cash ISA this is an investment. The value of your fund can go down as well as up, and may be worth less than you paid in.

This ISA is arranged through and provided by Standard Life Savings Limited.

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  • Choose how much or how little risk you want to take
  • Tell us about any ISAs you'd like to transfer over

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Things to consider before you decide to transfer your existing ISA

  • We don’t charge a transfer-in fee
  • You may experience a loss of investment growth while the transfer is taking place
  • Check if the company you’re transferring from will charge you an exit fee