With profits investments

With a pension or investment from Standard Life, you might have with profits as part of your policy. We know that our customers want to understand more about with profits and how it can benefit them, and our easy-to-digest video helps to explain what with profits investments are and explores smoothing, guarantees and bonuses.

With profits can apply to a range of products, but this video is primarily about with profits investments that are part of a pension.

For more information about how with profits works see our with profits overview page.

With Profits Video

With profits overview

This is where you can find out more about how with profits works, including


Smoothing helps to protect your with profits investments from short-term market movements. It evens out the ups and downs of the financial markets.


Guarantees, which are an important and valuable feature of many types of with profits investments, can give you peace of mind in uncertain times.


Regular bonuses can increase your with profits guarantee and you could also get a final bonus when your investment comes to an end.

Find out more about how with profits works

Important information

As with any investment the value of your fund can go up or down and may be worth less than what was paid in.

From time to time, depending on market conditions, smoothing may be reduced or switched off.

Guarantees and bonuses do not apply to Stakeholder pensions.
Guarantees and bonuses for With Profits Pension Annuities work in a different way to other with profits investments.

Guarantees are an important feature of with profits investments that can be very valuable. Conditions apply for guarantees. For example if you transfer or surrender your plan you lose any guarantee that you had.

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